What Our Dancers Say

We asked some of our dancers why they like Ukrainian dance, what their favorite things about it are and what makes it so much fun? Here’s what they had to say!


“I was in Tavria as a member of Sadochuk and then decided to play hockey for a few years. But I love to dance with my friends and I really missed dancing in Mosaic. So I came back to be connected to where my roots are. Tavria helped to enhance my understanding of my Ukrainian culture.”
Jasmyn, Tavrianka


“I like Ukrainian dance because it’s a part of who I am and it makes me happy”
Tessa, Intermediate 2


“You get to meet new people at competitions and dance camps.”
Marta, Tavrianka 2


“I’ve made lots of new friends since my first year dancing”
Rachel, Intermediate 1


“I like that you learn different steps as you get older”
Kienna, Intermediate 2


“The teachers!”
William, Junior 2


“You get to exercise and stretch your body”
Henry, Beginner B


“You get to travel and connect with people that share your culture”
Gillian, Ensemble


“I started dancing because it’s my culture and I really wanted to do it. I had Stephanie as a teacher my first year and she made me want to continue to the next years.”
Kate, Intermediate 1


“All the perogies and cabbage rolls you get to eat”
Duncan, Tavrianka 2


“You can just be YOU!”
Alysa, Intermediate 2


“It’s a great way to stay in shape and be healthy, I just love everything about it!”
Tennille, Ensemble


“It’s cool being on stage in front of everyone”
Hanna, Tavrianka 2


“I like stretching at the beginning of practice”
Aleah, Beginner A


“It gives you a sense of identity; something unique about yourself. It gives you opportunities to experience new things. ¬†Also, I can hang out with Yuriy without it being weird.”
Landon, Ensemble


“Because my mom used to do it, and her parents did it and their parents too!”
Lukas, Intermediate 1


“It’s our culture!”
Shayla, Tavrianka 2


“It helps me with balance and movement when I play soccer”
Luke, Intermediate 2


“I’ve been dancing with the same people my whole life, it’s like family!”
Nicki, Ensemble


“The acting dances are fun”
Connor, Junior 2