Credits and Requests 2021/2022

To make a request to use credits, click on the link below:

Credit Request Form

New Mandatory Credit System – Updated July 2019

Reasons for Fundraising

Fundraising is a huge part of our non-profit organization as Tavria receives 10% of all fundraisers.  Those funds go towards running the organization.   The purpose of volunteering/participating in fundraising events is to help keep dance fees low.  Additionally, we as a dance family get to bond and know one another better.  All families have a choice in which events you want to participate in or if you want your performance bond cheques cashed.

**The credit year runs from September 1st to August 31st.

There are two types of elements in our system – 1) Performance Bond and 2) Banked Credits.

Sadochuk $100 $40
Beginner $100 $40
Junior $200 $80
Intermediate $400 $160
Tavrianka $500 $200
Ensemble $600 $240

Every family must provide a cheque* for the cheque requirement amount at the beginning of the dance year for each child. If you choose to not do any volunteering or fundraising to cover the performance bond amount, the cheques will be cashed.

  • Once you have raised/worked the amount to cover the mandatory performance bond**, working at any further fundraiser event over this amount will go straight to the banked credit account for the family.
  • You cannot carry over any performance bond amounts to the following year – each dancer starts the dance year owing the performance bond for that year. You cannot use banked credits to cover your performance bond.  You cannot start banking your credits until your performance bond is fulfilled for that year, unless you would like your cheque requirement cashed for the current dance year.
  • The other requirement we have is the Volunteer Shift for Festival/Mosaic which is separate from the performance bond – there is a mandatory shift per child as these are two of our biggest fundraisers. At the beginning of the year, each dancer is required to give a $100 cheque which will be cashed at the end of the year if the Volunteer Shift is not covered. If you choose to do the shift at Mosaic, it MUST be at the Tavria Booth – helping out at other places in the pavilion is greatly appreciated but will not cover your Volunteer Shift.


All the following worker/seller/lead organizer goes toward your volunteer bond amount first, and anything extra goes to your credit account.

Bingos $40/bingo $20/bingo (Bingo organizer)
Perogies 45% profit from your order $75/each order
Mosaic Stadium Events $10/hour TBD
Other fundraisers for individuals credits 85% profit of individuals portion 5% of total profit (fundraiser must be presented and approved by Tavria Board)
Festival Registrar

Festival Kitchen Lead

N/A $300


Malanka N/A $200
Costume Committee N/A TBD
Bike Valet $10/hour $10/event
  • There are certain fundraisers that are directly put towards the running of the school – no individual credits earned but lead organizer get 5% of profit.

Credit Uses:

The amount in your family credit account can be used towards the following:

  • Costuming (must have full amount of total rentals in banked account before you can use – cannot use for partial payment)
  • Dance Camps (put on by Tavria or another group)
  • Dance Shoes
  • Dance Fees
  • Out of town registration for festivals
  • Out of town group trips (booked and paid for by Tavria

If a dancer leaves the organization, and there are credits in the account, but a sibling remains, all credits remain with the family.  If the entire family leaves, then Tavria holds the credits for one year.  If they do return within the year, the credits are returned to the family.  If the family doesn’t return and if the family is clear of all their volunteer bonds, have returned costumes, and one (1) year has passed since the last family member danced with Tavria, the following can happen with their banked credits:
o credits can be transferred to another family
o credits can go to Tavria (no cash value)
o credits can go into an Angel Account

Examples of Performance Bond

1)  You have one child in Beginner 1 and one in Junior.  You owe $40 + $80 = $120 in performance bonds.  You will provide a cheque for $300 at the beginning of the year.  You decide to work 2 Bingos ($40 each) and sell perogies to cover the rest.  You make $45 on perogies.  Your performance bond balance is now $0 – you get your cheque back and you have $5 in credits that go into your family credit account.

2)  You have a child in Sadochuk.  You owe $40 in performance bonds.  You give a cheque for $100 at the beginning of the dance year.  You work 2 Bingos and sell tickets for a fundraiser in September, which give you a total of $130.  Your performance bond balance is $0.  Your $100 cheque is returned and you can use $30 of credits to pay for your child’s costume rental in November.  You will have $60 in your credit account to use for next year for fees or costume rental or to keep for future use (as listed in Credit uses).

If you have questions regarding the credit system, please talk to any Tavria Board member and if you would like the balance in your account, please contact the administrator for a copy of your balance sheet.