Registration & Schedule

2022-2023 Schedule

Classes begin the week of September 11th.

Additional classes may be added if enrolment numbers increase beyond this schedule.

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Beginner 2

Intro to Ukrainian Dance

Beginner 1


We have a variety of classes suited to meet your dancers age and experience! Here is some information about our classes for those just starting out!

Introduction to Ukrainian Dance is for our youngest of dancers interested in exploring music and movement. This class is for children 18 months to 3 years and parents attend classes. These classes are offered in 8 week sessions. You are welcome to take one, two or more sessions throughout the year. To register for this class, visit this page.

Sadochok is for our pre-school age children who are ready to be away from parents for the 45 minute session and commit to a yearly class. This class performs at our Christmas Concert & Spring Concert, in costume, and occasionally other opportunities if they arise, like Mosaic. (Must be 3 by Dec 31 to attend this class).

Beginner classes are for Kindergarten + age who have graduated from our Sadochok class or are just starting out with dancing.

Junior/Intermediate/Tavrianka classes are for our dancers with more dance experience who have been with Tavria for a bit. If you are new to Tavria but have a dancer older than Kindergarten/Grade 1 and they would like to join us, please contact us and we will help determine what class your child should enrol in.

We even have a class for ADULTS!

We are excited to be offering a new program – The Tavria Academy. This will be a program for our T2 dancers who have a high level of commitment and self-motivation and who would like an additional class to attend. Enrolment into this class is going to be by process of application, interview and audition. The goal of this class is to provide the skills and experience needed for acceptance into a professional ensemble as the dancers get older, whether they become Tavria’s next Ensemble when these dancers are ready for that or an ensemble elsewhere. This group will practice additional hours each week while still participating in the T2 class. The dancers who are no longer in T2 but are of T2 age can rejoin T2. The dancers who are not an age appropriate for T2 any longer may also apply for this class without also being enrolled in T2, such as our high school graduated dancers.This group will continue to compete and travel, etc. so that needs to be taken into consideration, if this type of commitment is not something of interest to individual dancers anymore. None of this means if a dancer remains solely in T2 they won’t get the training and skill needed to join a future ensemble or miss that opportunity. We have a number of dancers who want to dance more than just one class a week and have a primary interest in dance over other activities, much like many of our dancers have other outside interests that are a primary interest over dancing. If you are a dancer that is not currently a Tavria dancer but you are interested in this program, please reach out.  

Ready to register or learn more still? Head over to this page.