Upcoming Bingos

If you have fulfilled your requirements for the year, please do not sign up to work bingo’s prior to one week before the bingo date. This ensures that everyone can get their required bingos completed. Priority will be given to those needing to work off their requirements. You may put your name on the spare list prior to the week before so we know we have interested & available people to work in the event the spots do not fill.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: With the release of the new bingo dates, everyone with outstanding bingos will need ALL the spots available to us from February to May. Any remaining unfilled bingos will be invoiced at the end of May as this will wrap up our dance year. If you do not intend to fulfil your bingos, please email tavriaukrainian@gmail.com so we can document this and send the invoice sooner. This will help me manage what bingos are available.

Please also keep in mind that some switching of jobs and possibly nights may be needed as we still need to have a good mix of experienced and inexperienced bingo workers in attendance to have the bingo run efficiently.

Friday March 3 LATE

Tuesday March 14

Friday March 24

Saturday March 25 LATE

Friday April 7

Saturday April 15 LATE

Monday April 24

Friday May 5 LATE

Tuesday May 16

Saturday May 20

Saturday May 27 LATE

Bingo Jobs and Descriptions

Cash (1 – adult)– sits behind counter all night.  Is responsible for getting all bingo payouts ready, refilling float, keeping track of bingo payout sheet.  Arrive at 5pm for evenings and 930pm for late nights.

Counter – start behind counter.  Be ready to sell at 5:00 for evenings and 9:30 for late night.  Sell paper to customers.  Must be comfortable with counting money. Go out onto the floor to sell about 7pm or 10pm. Arrive at 4:45 for evenings and 9:15 for late nights.

Floor – Paper selling (15 years or older) – Sell paper on the floor to players.  Grab bingos when called, RUN to get the winning card, announce them to caller at the phone, then stand with your hand up until another floor worker comes with winnings.  Please take turns taking the earnings out (pick up winnings from the cash person). Arrive at 4:45 pm or 9:00 for late nights.

Horses (16 years or older) – Sell sealed tickets on the floor.  Must have good mobility as it is usually quite busy.  Arrive at 4:45pm for evenings or 9:00pm for late nights. Once tickets are done being sold for the evening, stays around to grab bingos with the floor workers.

Nevada (16 years or older) – Sit at front door and sell Nevada seal tickets.  At intervals must walk around with tickets to sell to players sitting down.  Stay until the very end to sell to those who are leaving.  Can have limited mobility but keep in mind if we are short workers this position will be moved to the floor to help catch bingos and will need the mobility to do so.  Arrive at 4:45pm (9:30 on late nights).

Callback/Counter (1 person – 15 years or older) – Sit with caller and play bingo to be the backup if the electronic boards go down.  Mark down running total of bingos to make sure cash matches.  Arrive at 4:45pm evenings and 9:15 late nights.

**Need 3 people to count paper at the start of the night.  Must be there at 4pm and will be let go when it is time to do garbage’s. Late night we need 1 person for 8:30.

**If we are short of people, 14 year old’s can work the floor position but can have a max of 2 at a bingo.

Captain – (1 person – adult) – Bring the briefcase.  Help with counting paper, set up counter and aprons, organize workers to jobs, organize breaks, handle payouts for horse games sign papers.  Arrive at 4pm (830 for late night) and stay for papers to printed and signed to the very end.

*Captains are specifically trained and not available for general signup.

New important information:
  • All workers/coordinators need to park in the back 
  • At the end of the evening program garbage bags need to be changed. NO combining dirty garbage bags (like we used to do).  Each garbage bin requires a NEW garbage bag.  This is done Sunday – Wednesday bingos or weekends when there is no late night. 
  • Masks will be provided by the hall or you can bring your own – these are optional.
  • Gloves will be supplied. 
And as always:
  • Don’t have your cell phone out on the floor. 
  • RUN if you are the nearest person to a bingo.  The quicker we get the Bingos, the quicker we get to go home!  Try and spread out so the whole place is covered and there is always someone close to whoever yells Bingo.
  • If you need to go to the bathroom or are on your break, leave your apron at the counter. 
  • If you are at the counter, they really don’t want drinks or food back there.
  • Outside food/drink is not allowed (No Tim Horton’s cups!)
Have fun!