Tavria School of Ukrainian Dance is proud to be one of the largest and longest running Ukrainian dance schools in Regina, providing entertainment to people in Southern Saskatchewan and beyond for over 45 years. Low enrollment fees, a professional dance studio and a large variety of authentic Ukrainian costuming ensure every opportunity to learn Ukrainian dance in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and makes Tavria an attractive place to enroll in a rewarding experience.

Tavria also thrives on the wonderful sense of community and volunteerism provided by our dancers and their parents. We provide an abundance of fundraising opportunities to ensure little to no financial barriers.

Many of Tavria’s instructors are former alumni dancers of the Tavria Ensemble and have years of Ukrainian dance training and knowledge. These continued relationships and passing down of instructor skills ensures tradition and knowledge will be passed down for future generations to come.

The Tavria School of Dance is open to dancers as young as 3 and requires no previous experience to enroll. The school also offers an adult class for those age 20+ who wish to continue, regain, or learn Ukrainian dance. Dancers are welcome to join at any age and we will find the appropriate level based on age and experience.

Tavria has multiple performances during the year for all the age groups and many groups participate in festivals throughout the prairie provinces and as dancers get older they have opportunities to travel worldwide.

This year we have introduced 2 new classes: The Tavria Academy and Introduction to Ukrainian Dance. The Tavria Academy is for dancers with a high level of commitment to further training, additional choreography opportunities and to further prepare for enrolment in professional ensembles, whether with Tavria’s ensemble or joining an ensemble outside of Regina. The Introduction to Ukrainian Dance is an 8 week music and movement class for children ages 18 months to 3 years old. We introduced this class in the winter of 2022 and it was a hit!

If you are interested in having Tavria School of Ukrainian Dance perform at an event you are hosting, please reach out to tavriaperforms@gmail.com